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About This Dashboard

The STL LEAM Dashboard is the custom interface to the St. Louis region's LEAM land use model, administered by East-West Gateway Council of Governments. The Dashboard also serves as a Planning Portal, which stores:

  • important plans and planning data for the region.
  • the results of regional and subregional land use simulations and scenarios of the future.
  • impact analyses on issues of mobility and transportation demand, environmental stress due to encroaching urbanization, and the economic and demographic makeup of the 8-county region.

This Dashboard has the potential to serve as not only a model interface and information warehouse, but also a collaborative tool by which partner agencies can view information created by others, share findings, and discuss policy and development implications.

All of the content here can be viewed, accessed, and downloaded as needed. Each user's experience is also tailored to their needs and interest areas, which makes this planning support system more easily navigable.

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